Jerome Tsang

Position: Notary Public

Company Name: Jerome Tsang Notary Public

At Jerome Tsang Notary Public, we strive to provide services accurately and efficiently while maintaining the highest goals of honesty and ethics. We are a progressive, boutique notary office which embraces diversity and treat clients, partners and staff with the utmost respect. Based in Vancouver, B.C., we specialize in non-contentious legal matters, specifically in the areas of residential real estate transfer, including family transfer and transmission to surviving joint tenant(s).

Jerome was born in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. He moved to the picturesque city of Vancouver at the age of 12 and has called Vancouver his home ever since. After graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science, Jerome continued to further his studies and obtained a Master of Business Administration and a designation in Certified Financial Planner. With the knowledge he acquired, Jerome has enjoyed 10 successful years at the financial industry as a financial planner where he provided investment advice and estate planning for his clients.

Life is about constant development and so Jerome decided to change career to become a Notary Public. He's spent the next 3 years to obtain a Master Degree in Legal Studies. In October 2017, the door of Jerome Tsang Notary Public was officially opened. With his diverse business background, the strong relationship he has developed with his partners and clients throughout the years, and the professionalism he's demonstrated with everyone he's done business with, the Notary Public office has been enjoying success thus far and is continuously looking for growth opportunity in the near future.

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ph: 604-266-6644


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