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Clarence Chew

Position: Social Media

Company Name: Sociable Insights

I’m a Certified Social Media Director specializing in highly regulated industries - Healthcare, Dentistry, Finance, Law, and Real Estate. I am a national social media speaker, most recently speaking at the Digital Pharma Conference on social media strategies for pharmaceutical companies. 

I help my clients get real results by tapping into the power of social media and positioning them as industry authority leaders online.

Typically I work with...

✓ BIOTECH, MEDICAL DEVICE, OR PHARMACEUTICAL companies that want to be seen as industry leaders in diseases they treat. 

✓ REAL ESTATE COMPANIES & REALTORS who want to stay top of mind with clients, increase referrals, and boost their bottom line. 

✓ DENTAL PRACTICES who are looking to grow their practice, increase patient case acceptance, and grow referrals. 

✓ FINANCE PROFESSIONALS who are ready to build their online presence to attract more leads and clients. 

✓ LAW FIRMS who are interested in tapping into the power of social media to promote their class action suits.