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Raymond Cheung

Position:  General Insurance Broker for Homes, Businesses, and Cars

Phone:  604-325-2282
Company name: King Insurance Services

Bio: Raymond founded King Insurance Services in 2006, after many years managing local insurance brokerages, working in real estate, and computer programming. He is proud of his success with long-term customers who appreciate his service and professionalism, and enjoys watching his customers grow their businesses and their families.


  • Types of Business and Commercial Insurance: import/export businesses, manufacturing companies and food processing companies, retail stores such as salons and grocery stores, cyber and professional liability policies, construction and contractor's liability insurance, landlord's property and liability coverages.
  • Types of Home insurance: detached single homes, rental homes, seasonal homes, and condos and tenants.
  • Types of Car Insurance: ICBC Autoplan for Vehicles, Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, and Fleets.

Hobbies: Politics and history, working out, hiking & playing with my grand-daughter.