July 17, 2014

Summer Time Networking Advantages

Written by BNI UP

Why THIS is the time for networking

It’s summer in Vancouver and the weather is amazing. After spending the majority of the year under an umbrella, who can resist spending every spare moment at the beach and on a patio? It may sound counter-intuitive, but if you’re an entrepreneur, this is a key time for networking. Here are a few reasons to work expanding your professional circle into your summer schedule.

Your Competition is Networking Right Now

Businessman-On-Beach-With-Lapt-2860816-500pxThose of us who have written off the possibility of making new business contacts in the summer are leaving the net wide open for motivated entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their networks. Consider seasonal businesses that need extra support while the sun is shining, or are working hard in preparation for an upcoming busy season. Professionals who are employed full-time may have flexible summer schedules allowing them to attend networking functions and have meetings with new prospective vendors.

Your Competition isn't Networking Right Now

This is your opportunity to get ahead of those in your industry who are less motivated. Consider that there may be opportunities to provide products or services to clients whose regular vendors are away on holiday.

Business Relationships Can Take Months to 'Pay Out'

Has a connection ever hired you months or even years after your first initial meeting? Consider that business relationships, contracts and referrals that you are involved in now may come to fruition in the fall or winter when everyone else is back scrambling for new work.

Procrastination Pays No One

As hard-working entrepreneurs, we know that opportunities fly by quickly along with stacks of unclaimed cash. Consider attending networking and social functions this summer as a way of growing your business.

If you’re interested in meeting a dynamic group of Vancouver-based business professionals who are passionate about supporting each others’ business growth, consider visiting our referral networking group for breakfast on a Wednesday morning. We meet downtown at the Renaissance Hotel and parking is free. Find out more here.


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