September 8, 2013

Reasons to keep your blog updated

Written by Kevin Hicks

Businesses often feel that a website is enough of an online presence when in fact, a static and abandoned website can be detrimental to brand awareness and sales. If you are looking to gain more website traffic from Internet marketing here's some good tips on why you should keep your blog updated. 

Consistently posting fresh, quality blog content brings attention to your website and company.

A blog has become essential to a business' Internet marketing strategy. It's not only a venue for businesses to connect with their potential customers, but it's also a key publicity tool to gain online exposure, which naturally leads to sales. Taking advantage of a blog's benefits requires regular updates with high quality, shareable content. Think of your blog as a landing pad to your Internet marketing. You want to start by posting to your blog before trying to get exposure for that post, campaign or information.

There are 3 main motives for consistently updating your business' blog:

  1. Build visibility and brand awareness.

    Marketing is all about how conscious consumers are about your brand. The more people see and positively recognize your company name and logo, the better reputation you have online and the more likely you'll generate sales. Keeping your website up to date and active is part of establishing credibility and expertise in your field while a website without regular content looks abandoned and less trustworthy. Consistent blog updates are a message to consumers that your company is around, available, and willing to engage in discussion.

  2. Establish a community of readers for website traffic.

    The most effective websites have built a community of readers who provide regular website traffic and bring exposure to your company. A blog is the perfect way to create this community as it provides a reason for readers to subscribe and stick around, especially if they know to expect frequent, useful content. From there, you'll eventually see a snowball effect as they share your content, helping your business increase its readership. More visits and longer visit times on your blog posts also help with your Google ranking. The longer users stay on your website the better.

  3. Stay on top of Google algorithm updates.

    Google likes fresh unique content. If your website is constantly being updated with intriguing content you'll receive more visits through Google's search results. Not only does blogging create a following of users, you also gain trust from Google. Big G is all about user experience. Your website should be a great experience for users and Google will reward your website with more traffic. As long as users can find what they are looking for and your blog is relevant to what your business does you'll make Google happy.

Should you be updating your blog more frequently?  Schedule a free consultation with ROI Web Hosting to improve your web marketing.

Kevin Hicks

Kevin Hicks is an Internet marketing specialist at ROI Web Hosting. He has a strong passion towards helping businesses succeed using his creative and focused approach to Internet marketing.

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