Sonia Zebadua

Position: Residential and Commercial Building Services



Company Name: Multiservices Vancouver Ltd.


Born in Chiapas, Mexico, I moved to Vancouver in 2008 to pursue Culinary Arts. After a three-year culinary apprenticeship under world-champion chef Scott Jaeager, I launched Multiservices Vancouver in 2013 with my business partner Michelle Rustrian. We started MSV with the idea of offering top quality and friendly services for any type of home with any needs. Having had previous experiences running small start-ups together, MSV was successfully launched and has been growing steadily.

The challenges of running a small business as an immigrant in Vancouver have helped me grow and continue to develop myself as a leader. A highly motivated and dedicated person, I aim to deliver the best quality of service while ensuring both my team and my clients are satisfied.

I want to become a philanthropist and become the person that helps my community, involving myself and my company as well as my team. I wish to leave a legacy in the world and make a difference in people's lives.

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